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The ideal benefits when you get a wine cooler

Getting a wine cooler is the best way to keep your wine. It is an appliance that will keep your wine while you consider some storage factors. Wine lovers, collectors, and investors must use a wine fridge  or the same appliance to ensure the wine is in the best condition. However, you may have yet to learn the other benefits of a wine cooler, so you must know more about it before getting one.

Keeps it cool

Wine is kept at a specific temperature; storing it in a high temperature will affect its aging. But when your wine remains too cold, it can risk freezing. When your wine starts to freeze, it will lose its natural flavor. The cork will push out the bottle and freeze, exposing your wine to oxygen, a faster way to ruin a wine. Wine coolers will keep your wine at the right temperature where it is stored between 11 to 15ºC, and most coolers will depend on the make with a broader range of  3ºC to 16ºC. You will see other wine coolers that offer dual temperature zones that allow you to keep your red and white wine at different temperatures in the same unit. Dual-zone wine coolers will enable you to set a wine for serving while keeping it undisturbed for long-term aging.

Maintain humidity levels

Humidity is necessary for wine storage, so all the quality wine coolers will help regulate the interior humidity levels. You must keep the bottle and wine at the correct humidity levels to protect them. The wine coolers can give the best conditions for your wine to age and thrive. When you keep your wine in an environment that is too humid, the labels can peel off, which affects its value. Moist environments are the breeding grounds for mold, so keeping your wine in a wine fridge is ideal to help regulate the humidity levels. Your wine collection also needs humidity to ensure the cork stays where it should be. When the cork dries out, it can slip out of place and expose your wine to oxygen, which can be your nightmare. Oxidation will cause the wine’s flavor to flatten, leaving your wine to taste bland and unpleasant.

Look suitable for your home

The best thing about getting wine coolers is they are the best way to show your wine. There are wine coolers with display shelves where you can display your favorite, oldest, or most expensive wines. Many wine coolers come with glass doors where you can see your collection without even opening the door. You can even find a stylish wine cooler that matches your home’s interior, regardless of color. You can even find a rustic, patterned, or modern wine cooler. A fully integrated wine cooler will give you a seamless look in your kitchen as they are made to work with your kitchen cabinets.

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Protects it from sunlight

Sunlight has UV rays that can affect your wine collection, but the best thing about wine coolers is that they help protect your wine from these rays. Sunlight does affect the smell, flavors, and appearance of your wine. When the wine is exposed to sunlight, it will age faster because of the chemical reactions in its body. You may think that the wine coolers with glass doors will not protect the wine from sunlight, but that is untrue. The glass doors used in wine coolers are UV-treated and tinted to avoid any UV damage to the wine. Wine coolers with solid doors can help protect your wine from sunlight, blocking any sunlight from going inside unless you leave it open. Even wine coolers have alarms that alert you when you leave them open.

Built-in and best wine coolers are made to be installed in kitchen spaces or breakfast bars. You can find the ideal wine cooler for you and your wine collection. When you have a smaller collection or a wine cooler to serve your wine, you can buy a wine cooler that keeps only a few bottles. But you can find a wine cooler to manage a hundred bottles when you have a wider cooler.

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