Improving our home for better feel

Improving our home for better feel

Home is a place where our heart resides. It is a place which makes us whole. The more we go far from it, the more our heart lingers, urging us to return. A human never feels safer and at peace at any place other than their home. The feeling that we get when we come back to home after a tiring day outside is immeasurable. But we can always improve this satire place.

Let’s clean it

Cleaning is the first step towards improving our home.  Our body is a temple and it deserves a clean home for it to flourish and grow. Some of our ancestors even used to say that Gods don’t shower their blessing over a dirty home. Before we begin our mission to make our home spotless, we should get rid of all the dispensable things. The house should be well dusted and mopped to perfection after that.

Colours are important

A lot can be improved about a home by simply changing its colour scheme. The essence of our home can be totally changed by just changing the colours of the walls. A posh house can be even made look unflattering by the wrong choice of colours. Colour has a direct effect on human brain and can easily uplift the mood of an individual.

Adding the organs

The structure of the home, with walls, doors, roofs is just a skeleton. The furniture and decorative are the organs of the home. Fine furniture makes a home look exquisite. Decoratives are like a cherry on top. It adds to the beauty of the home and makes it more alluring. The choice of furniture and decorative can either make or break a home’s aesthetic. Making the correct choice is necessary for improving our home.

Our home, our choice

We all are different humans, each entitled with different likings and choices. What maybe beautiful for us, may not be beautiful to others. But we should not let that prohibit us from improving our home to our dream home. Instead, we should embrace our likings and make the choices that would make our inner self happy and improve our home in a way where our mind and body would be able to cherish. Because at the end of the day, it is us who are going to reside in our home and it is our right to modify it as per our liking.

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