Is it better to buy a house or to rent?

Is it better to buy a house or to rent?

There are many people who, once they decide to move, ask themselves one of the most important questions to start the search: is it better to buy a house or rent? What are the advantages of one and the other option? Which is preferable? There are many variables that come into play in this situation, and we have tried to put all the possibilities on paper that should be taken into consideration by those looking for a home before deciding


It should be specified that in this article we are analyzing the situation of those interested in buying their first home. The decision that leads a person to buy a house is often complex and less immediate than choosing a rental: the buyer will become the owner of the property to all intents and purposes. Obviously, buying is more demanding than renting: in fact, it is necessary to take some preliminary steps and evaluate the ancillary costs , drawing up a probable budget of how much one is willing to spend and bearing in mind that, once the property has been purchased, there it will in most cases be a mortgage payable over the long term.

If your plans for the future are clear and the idea of ​​a mortgage proves feasible for you, we recommend the purchase of a property for the following advantages:

With the purchase, you become the effective owner of the house;

Buying a house is a form of investment, as the value of the property could grow over time;

The homeowner is always free to customize the property according to his tastes;

Often the mortgage installment, especially in this period when interest rates are very low, is cheaper than a rent.

If you are unable to pay the monthly loan installment, the bank could foreclose on the property;

The value of a property, as already mentioned above, can vary according to market trends: in some cases it could even decrease;

It is necessary to advance a substantial sum of money (usually about 10/20% of the total price of the property), in addition to all ancillary costs;

All extraordinary maintenance work is the responsibility of the buyer.

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