Guide to finding seller leads with motivated-seller-leads-kansas

 Guide to finding seller leads with motivated-seller-leads-kansas

As an investor, you must be looking for motivated sellers to purchase their properties and use them for your purposes. But what will you do if you do not have many houses in the market for sale? Or perhaps, you have not looked hard enough. That is why, in this article, we will discuss how you can find motivated sale leads of people who may have a potential estate for sale but are not considering the option of selling the house.

Before we begin, let us look at what kind of houses have motivated seller leads. Most of the houses that people have are either on rent, or they are not able to afford to sell the place. That is because even during the sale, there may be expenses for repair work and hiring an estate manager to get verified buyers. But companies like have the option of purchasing properties without any extra charge on the house. Hence you need to convince and motivate landlords to sell their houses by offering beneficial returns. Let us now look at where we can find these potential sellers:

  • Check for people who are interested in buying a new house. Usually, these people would want to sell the previous property before moving into the new property. Therefore they are a potential seller.
  • Check for social media sites as many homeowners advertise their estate on these platforms to save money on a real estate agent. Like it is mentioned above, many owners do not have the funds to sell their houses via a professional agent and hence use other ways to do so. You can also check advertisement listings where the sale is specifically done by the owner.
  • There even may be expired listings to look at so check for those where owners were unsuccessful in selling their houses. You have a high chance of motivating these people to sell their houses.
  • Connect with home inspection officers so that they can inform you of the potential houses being sold and you can contact them.

These are some ways to find a motivated seller to buy the house from and invest in it for your purpose.

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