5 Signs of Leaky Pipes Inside Behind the Walls

5 Signs of Leaky Pipes Inside Behind the Walls

If you’re trying to sell your house, the first thing home buyers want to know is how well the plumbing system works. It’s a big selling point, but unfortunately it’s also the first thing that can set off alarm bells if there are any signs of structural problems or leaks. Here are some quick and easy signs that your home’s pipes might be leaking, and when you notice any leaks visit https://fastflowplumber.com/services/drain-cleaning/ for complete details:

  1. Moldy walls

If your home or business has been flooded by rainwater or sewage-contaminated runoff from nearby pipes, then mold may be growing on the walls of your home. You’ll probably want to get rid of these stains as soon as possible because they’re usually difficult to remove without causing more damage than they solve.

  1. Discolored walls and ceilings

If your walls are discolored, it could be from condensation or moisture. If the discoloration is more than just a few shades darker, consider whether the problem is coming from an actual leak in the wall or ceiling—or if it’s simply a result of improper paint application when you were building those walls and ceilings.

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  1. Water stains

This can happen if there’s water seeping through cracks around doors and windows. It could also indicate that something has been done incorrectly when installing drywall (e.g., installing screws too far apart).

  1. Walls are starting to bulge

A bulging wall is a sign that there’s a leak behind the wall. The water pressure from the leak is pushing against the wall, creating an indentation or crease in it. This can be in one spot or spread out over multiple areas of your home’s foundation and framing.

  1. Floors are uneven or sloping dramatically

Floors can be uneven due to shifting soil, settling and poor construction. If you have a leaky pipe, water will travel through the floor and cause unevenness.

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